b8292acafd72142128a3481ac4b0abff_XLKye Allums is a queer artist, speaker, trans* advocate, and the first openly
black trans male in sports history. Kye being“ENOUGH”, was the very catalyst for him to start sharing his story with colleges, and universities across the United States, the story of being the first Division I, openly transgender athlete in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).


To this day the high suicide rates among LGBTQ people continues to rejuvenate his passion to fight for the acceptance of LGBTQ persons in society. It is that fight which leads Kye to engage in both the larger social justice movement and the battle for trans inclusivity, on and off the playing field by speaking to audiences about self acceptance, trans issues and rights

This year, Kye was recognized as one of 21 transgender people who influenced american culture, by Time Magazine. Kye has also, written for The Nation, and has contributed to the Huffington Post. A graduate of The George Washington University,  Kye holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.