…about Kye

 I Am Enough! This has been Kye Allums mantra for quite some time. Kye being ENOUGH, was the very catalyst for him to start sharing his story with athletic departments and Universities across the US, the story of being the first Division I, openly transgender athlete in sports history.  He went on to graduate from The George Washington University with a degree in Fine Arts but his desire for change didn’t stop there. It was then that his mantra became the self-love movement.

As Founder & Creative Director of Project I Am Enough, Kye has dedicated his life to reaffirming, empowering and inspiring people in their power and purpose. The suicide rate still continues to be very high among LGBT youth and knowing this is a constant reminder for Kye to continue his work diligently.

“We must learn to love ourselves before we can hope for change anywhere else”, says Kye.  He goes on to say, “I am passionate about our youth and transgender rights. I will not stop pursuing equality until equality has won!”

Although Kye speaks at many LGBT events and Universities around the country educating and allowing individuals to learn from his “coming out” experiences, his message of being enough is for everyone.

Project I Am Enough enrolls you in your greatness through artistic projects, identity discussions and self-love encouragement. A team of artists from all across the world utilize their experiences and the experiences of others to let you know that your life matters. You are ENOUGH.