2013 Summer Project

The 2013 Summer Project, is me filming my experience, spending a day in the life with 10 trans people. My plan was to utilize the footage, to raise money to help assist folks with their gender transitions.


The goals of this project were to also create trans* visibility, and give trans* folks an opportunity to share their stories.

I traveled throughout the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

2013-07-04 20.44.48

2013-07-07 10.44.08

Daniel, creator at Daniel Davis Edwards LLC, and Kennedy, creator of K. Page Productions, accompanied me on my trip to the United Kingdom (UK). After traveling alone, and filming all over the US, I quickly realized that trying to do it all on your own, is really difficult, and not smart. 

Thanks to the Stand Up Foundation, Pat Griffin, Sean Smith, and the support of many, many others, I was able to bring Daniel, and Kennedy with me to help film the lives of three amazing individuals who lived in the UK.

2013-08-14 20.47.56

2013-08-19 04.58.42

It turns out editing a documentary takes a lot more time then I thought.

Soo….it’s still a work in progress.

Last December, I was able to complete my travels by going to the UAE, to film my experience with Danial, thanks to Doug Sanborn (Miller Coors) & the You Can Play project. They were also the reason my team, and I had food, the right equipment, and transportation during our trip to the UK. <3

2013-12-13 03.30.012013-12-13 02.17.12

After all of my travels, and filming was over, I was quickly reminded at the beginning of 2014, that I hadn’t completed my own gender transition.

I forgot about me.

Dysphoria started to creep back into my life.
I became depressed.
I got burnt out.
I shut down.

 I thought I could help everyone, before I decided to help myself. 

Thank you to everyone that supported me, and my team whether it was assisting with grant writing/editing, funding, brainstorming, giving me a place to crash, driving me from point a to b, making me breakfast, or simply keeping me calm during stressful times!!

I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without you. <3

“If you put everyone else first you’ll always be last, but if you always put yourself first you will never last.” ~Ivor W. Hartmann