kyeweb4Preferred Gender Pronouns: He/Him (using They/Them is cool to)

Kye Allums is a 25-year-old queer fluid trans* artist, athlete, and the author of his first book, Who Am I? 

In 2011, Kye graduated with a bachelors degree in Fine Arts from The George Washington University. During their time at GW, Kye also played Division I basketball for the women’s team. In 2010, Kye publicly came out and became the first Division I openly transgender athlete in NCAA history. Today, Kye continues to focus on LGBTQ activism through art, athletics, and public speaking.

Kye Allums is a proud member of the Brown Boi Project, they are on the All Star board for GO! Athletes, and is also on this years 100 to watch list for the National Black Justice Coalition

 photo taken by: Lex Kennedy